Uplifting Public Servants
Health & Wellness Program

At Code 1 Wellness, we strive to support first responders in every aspect of their health. That’s why, in addition to ourmental health services, we offer a wellness program. With our program, you can meet with a nutritionist, learn more about workplace wellness, and do so much more.

Enhancing Your Wellness

Our wellness program offers an array of healthful services, allowing you to create a treatment plan that’s truly tailored to your unique needs. These services include:

• Nutrition Consultations
• Healthy Eating
• Weight Management
• Workout Program
• Yoga
• Relaxation
• Meditation
• Massages
• Chiropractic Sessions
• Mindfulness
• Therapy
• Acupuncture
• Wellness-Informed Care
• Healthy Lifestyle Support
• Wellness Coaching
• Workplace Wellness