Mental Health

Helping First Responders Heal
Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment

Ms. Kennedy launched Code 1 Wellness in May 2018 when her dream became reality. Since Code 1 Wellness has been launched, the amount of response from heartfelt individuals has been overwhelming and a massive support for our organization. Passionate about mental health, wellness, and our public servants, Ms. Kennedy has a thirst for knowledge and continues to exceed the expectations of her fellow peers. Ms. Kennedy continues to stay at the cutting edge of mental health, in both wellness and our public servants.

Mental Health Services

We offer a variety of mental health-focused services targeted to your specific needs and situation. These include:

• Dual Diagnosis
• Veterans Assisted Programs
• Outpatient Treatment
• Aftercare Family Services
• Wellness Programs
• 24-Hour Crisis Services
• Medication-Assisted Treatment
• Residential Programs

Therapy Programs:

• EMDR Therapy
• Group & Family Therapy
• Individual Therapy
• Mindfulness
• Educational Therapy
• Activity Therapy
• DBT Therapy and CBT Therapy