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My name is Mary Catherine. I was born in Kansas City, Kansas, but I reside in Kansas City, Missouri I am a mother, aunt, and a grandmother. I have two adult children, one of which is a First Responder and the other a nutritionist specialist. As a family we have learned through the years the importance of sharing our ups and downs and how important it is to work through them together. Finding the solutions can create a better way of life.

I am a graduate of Capella University where I obtained my mental health counseling master’s degree, and I earned my ungraduated degree in psychology from the University of Phoenix. I have 16 years of counseling experience in an inpatient/outpatient setting, with special interest working with first responders, their families, and their children. I have helped first responders individually, their families and children with issues related to anxiety, depression, family conflicts, trauma (PTSD), substance use, and relationship conflicts. I have also worked with clients struggling with grief/loss, sleeping disorders, anger management, and self-esteem.


I have 16 years counseling experience in an inpatient/outpatient setting with special interest working with first responders, their families and their children.

Mary Catherine


My approach is a combination of warmth and empathy, seasoned with tactful honesty and accountability. I believe in mutual respect and compassion. I encourage my clients to be honest with me and if something is not working, to speak up and tell me. I believe in allowing my clients to take ownership of their therapy in order to gain skills in advocating for themselves and their loved ones. I also believe in understanding the human condition of imperfection ̶ we all make mistakes. I use a combination of cognitive-behavioral, psycho education, psycho dynamic, and humanistic treatment approaches. I understand that sometimes all a person needs is an active ear but also quick and useful solutions to problematic symptoms or issues. I will create a balance within my counseling style based on the client’s needs and preferences. I also enjoy adding an element of humor in my treatment when appropriate.

It takes a great amount of courage to ask for help. I look forward to helping you through your journey and learning more about your. My goal is to help empower you to improve what is working well for you and give you the tools to help change what is not.

I look forward to starting this new journey with you, your family, and your children.

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