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Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine are Gabe Roberts and Tiffany Roberts true passions.  Gabeuses Functional Medicine as a platform to transform the lives of his clients in the Prairie Village, Overland Park, Kansas City areas, and all over the world.   He also serves as a speaker and health educator for the community each month. Gabe is highly recognized by both large corporations and within his community as a “rare breed”

Gabe also uses a Quantum Integration technique and is an expert in digestive health, immune health, nutrition, and addressing chronic disease through our essentials program. He has successfully helped thousands of clients who suffer from diabetes, thyroid disease, IBS, chronic pain and many other chronic diseases through a combination of mindset, diet, lifestyle and nutraceutical therapy. 

Gabe and Tiffany founded Back to Nature Lifestyle Medicine, LLC, as a platform to showcase the benefits of functional medicine combined with lifestyle interventions. Their philosophy is that “nothing can fix your body better than it can fix itself”.  He employs his expertise as a functional medicine provider and empowers his patients to make lifestyle changes to produce long term results

Gabe is also a proud father, husband, environmental advocate and former elite US Marine.  His passion is to help people achieve greatness through health, because health is the vehicle that allows one to serve their family and their community.

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Director of Holistic & Lifestyle Medicine



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You’re here because you know that life can be better. Through online counseling services, we’ll help you identify how best to make progress to create a life of wellness.

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