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About What We Do

Code 1 Wellness Chaplains are available to on a confidential basis. Chaplains provide direction, religious coaching as requested, and referral services for situations involving the following:

  • Family problems
  • Teenager problems
  • Substance abuse (alcohol and drug)
  • Physical, sexual and mental abuse
  • Death of someone close (accident, natural cause, suicide and homicide)
  • Natural or man-made disasters


Code 1 Chaplain coaching services are kept confidential between the chaplain and the people that they are counseling. Chaplaincy confidentiality is governed by religious law and ethics and by State law.

The role of the Chaplain is diverse, and in addition to the activities listed above, includes the following:

  • Riding with police officers, fire/ems
  • Providing assistance to victims
  • Crisis intervention teams
  • Making death notifications
  • Grief coaching
  • Suicide prevention, and
  • Finding food and shelter for those in need

A few words

About What We Do

To contact a chaplain in confidence, send a letter in a specially marked envelope to:

Code -1 Wellness
PO Box 901888
Kansas City, MO 64190

Write on the outside of the envelope CHAPLAIN ONLY. All mail will be directed to and opened by the chaplain who will respond as soon as possible. Phone calls are welcome. Call the Lead Chaplain at (641) 521 – 2653. If it is urgent, you are welcome to call the help line, toll free, at (833) 6HELP4U (833-643-5748) and ask for a message to be given to any chaplain. Be sure to ask that the chaplain be contacted immediately.

You may also email for (general inquiries only, please)

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